A Major Facelift for the Leederville Laneway
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A Major Facelift for the Leederville Laneway

An under-used laneway in the heart of Leederville’s entertainment strip is set to be transformed into a bustling food, shopping and entertainment precinct.

The new Leederville precinct will activate the City-owned laneway that separates our iconic venues and the new ABN Group headquarters on the Leederville Hotel carpark site.

The City of Vincent has thrown its support behind the project and will contribute towards the cost of the core infrastructure, including drainage, paving and street lighting.

The laneway will complement the character of Leederville, tying in with Leederville Village Square through the use of the same red brickwork that was laid in the shared space.

It will also feature suspended overhead lighting that will help maximise the narrow space.

“I think this is an amazing opportunity to create a laneway of this nature and of this quality in Leederville,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“This type of laneway activation is something we all love when we’re travelling and we’re going to have it right here in Leederville.

“It’s going to make Leederville an even more exciting place to visit and wander.

“The laneway has the potential to be transformed into a vibrant community hub, with plans to include food, shopping and entertainment spaces.

“It will be a unique, high-quality laneway experience seen nowhere else in Perth, which will help draw visitors, shoppers and foodies into the town centre.

The Leederville Hotel is undergoing a multi-million dollar refurbishment, which includes the construction of a new dining area and bar, shop and kiosks that will open onto the laneway.

“The iconic Leederville Hotel is repositioning a core section of the site to further create the laneway precinct, including an internal laneway with additional food and drinks, places to dine and relax, as well as games for little kids and big kids,” said project manager Graeme Dick.

As part of the laneway upgrade, the hotel owners will be looking to install public artwork that can be seen both day and night.

Vincent residents will be invited to help name the new Leederville laneway through a competition set to launch on January 18 2021.

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